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Why I don’t feel sorry for abused women

We all know that one friend/cousin / neighbour whose husband or boyfriend abuses her. We’ve all heard about mum’s colleague from work who fell from the stairs at least three times. We all remember that one woman who “had no other choice but the stay with him because of the kids”. We’ve all read painfull stories about battered, bruised and depressed women.

I always felt so sorry for them, I wanted to fight for them, to kick their husband’s behinds, to set them free… I had so many ideals, I can’t even count or remember them nowadays.  Being a child from a big, socialized family, and a child of a lawyer, I had the opportunity to witness  many people’s stories and life struggles. It all made me feel like driving on an emotional roller coaster throughout the years. It also gave me so many information and contexts, which led me to a somewhat shocking realization.

I honestly don’t feel sorry for most of the abused women. Continue reading

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Modern times call for modern measures.

It’s a wide known, but hugely misused saying.

We all know that modern day women are victims of sexism in mostly all areas of life, especially professional. Yes, we are paid less for the same job as the next guy and yes, our (possible) maternal leave is an issue even on the job interview and yes, they do respect our multitasking but HE just did a better job because he was pushing his team to do the best they can and SHE was aggressive and nervous because of the PMS. Professional undermining is one tough cookie, but have we ever tried to track down the root to that evil and face our own, feminine, blame in this? Continue reading

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